This Week’s Fundraiser(s):


Monday 9/25


Valencia Valley Technology Foundation


Tuesday 9/26

Simi Valley

Saint Rose of Lima Catholic School


Rise And Shine Preschool


Balboa PTO


Wednesday 9/27

Granada Hills

Seeds for the Future

Simi Valley

Hollow Hills


Hart High School HPO


Enjoy Presto Pasta at the designated Presto Pasta location and 20% of your total bill will be donated to the organization raising funds on that day! Simply mention the event or present flyer when ordering. When ordering online, present the flyer or mention the organization upon pickup on the day of the fundraiser.

Schedule your nonprofit organization’s fundraiser below!

Fundraising is Easy!

For over two decades, Presto Pasta has helped nonprofit organizations like yours raise thousands of dollars through fun and creative fundraisers.

There are two ways to fundraise:

Hold a Fundraiser

Fundraising with Presto Pasta is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Complete the form below, indicating the date and location that you would like to hold your fundraiser.
  2. Tell friends, family and supporters to eat at Presto Pasta that day and bring in the flyer or mention the fundraiser while ordering.
  3. We will donate 20% of their total bill back to your organization!

Purchase Scrip

Another easy way to fundraise for your non-profit is to purchase $25 gift cards to Presto Pasta for $20 each, then sell them to friends, family, and supporters for the full value of $25. Your organization keeps the difference of $5 per gift card, that’s a 20% return!

Ready to start your fundraiser?

Enter your information in the form below and click “submit” to send in your fundraising request.

Please note that your fundraiser is not scheduled until someone at Presto Pasta contacts you, confirms the date, then sends you an official flyer.

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