Meet the Sommelier

“What we’re going for here is contrast, balance, harmony,  which totally debunks the notion that there’s such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ wine. I am SO looking forward to just pushing Presto Pasta far past the boundaries of what patrons expect, and I just know that we’re all in for a major treat once people are introduced to these pairings.”

Jordan Sweeney Level Certified 2 Sommelier

Mr. Jordan Sweeney brings a proud range of experience to Presto Pasta, first and foremost of which is his certification as a Level 2 Certified Sommelier – a distinction enjoyed by few people in Ventura County.

After having spent 10 years as the Assistant Food and Beverage Director at the Spanish Hills Country Club, Mr. Sweeney is certainly no stranger to refined palates. Mr. Sweeney also stood at the forefront of shaping and advancing the strategy of both the Birnam Wood Golf Club in Santa Barbara and another premier private club, winning success at both venues under the titles of Food & Beverage Director and Director of Wine.

Certified Level 2 Sommelier

A long-time fan of Presto Pasta’s authentic Italian cuisine, Sweeney knew what the small restaurant chain needed, and it was neither white cloth napkins nor the over-complication of Presto’s comfortingly simple, traditional fare with flash-in-the-pan trends.

A good food and wine pairing doesn’t allow either to be overpowered, instead balancing the palate and creating a climactic symbiosis of culinary harmony. It naturally follows that one can’t pair just any wine with any dish, and this is where Mr. Sweeney’s expertise comes into play.

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